Events for Young Adults

Preparing young people to be champions of the faith through periods of fun and encouragement.

Young Adult Bible Study Class
The Young Adult Bible Study Class is similar in structure to the Adult Bible Study Class. After a period of singing the young adults break off into a class catered to the struggles young people face in today's world. The Young Adult's Bible Study Class is a time to deepen faith and gain a deeper understanding of the word.

Young Adult Devotional
The Young Adults Devotional is an event for young adults and teens. A more casual event, the Young Adult Devotional is led by other young adults and is a time of learning and fellowship. A period of singing and a lesson is followed by snacks and games as the young adults fellowship and grow closer to one another and God.
**The young adults often also meet during weekends and fellowship through unplanned events such as going to the movies or meeting for dinner. Stay in contact with us to stay up to date on upcoming outings and to be informed of any events not listed above.